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N° 1 - March 2018 - Artificial intelligence, an issue of economy and civilization

Issue editor: Jacques SERRIS

Engineer from the Corps des Mines, Conseil Général de l’Économie (CGE)

Digital issues. A new series for renewed ambition

Jean-Pierre Dardayrol,
Chair, Editorial board of Enjeux numériques / Digital issues



Jacques Serris,
Engineer from the Corps des Mines, Conseil Général de l’Économie (CGE)

Benefitting from the dissemination of artificial intelligence

Yves Caseau,
chief digital officer at Michelin, chairman of TIC, member of the French Academy of Technologies


Finance and artificial intelligence: A revolution on the march

Claire Castanet,
director of savings, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF),
Camille Planes,
AMF Épargne INFO Service, Filière Digitale


The introduction of cognitive technology at Crédit Mutuel

Frantz Rublé,
chairman of Euro-Information and assistant general manager of the Caisse Fédérale de Crédit Mutuel


Artificial intelligence and customer protection in the banking and insurance industries

Olivier Fliche,
director of the control of commercial practices, Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR)


Artificial intelligence and insurance

Patrick Dixneuf,
CEO Aviva France


The impact of artificial intelligence on jobs: How to make it more human?

Reynald Chapuis,
director of innovation and of social and environmental responsibility at Pôle Emploi


Artificial intelligence, a new user interface?

Yan Georget,


Understanding consumers’ habits thanks to artificial intelligence

Charles Ollion,
cofounder and director of research, Heuritech


Artificial intelligence and advertising: Ethics?

Mohamed Mansouri,
director of information systems, Autorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (ARPP)


Artificial intelligence and advertising

Romain Niccoli & Franck Le Ouay,
cofounders of CRITEO


Industrial data platforms

Hubert Tardieu,
advisor to the president ATOS


An interview with Tatsuya Tanaka, president of Fujitsu, and Shingo Kagawa, CEO, head of digital services business, and CTO

Interviewed by Jacques Serris,
Conseil Général de l'Économie,
Delphine Mantienne,
Annales des Mines


Artificial intelligence in China

Yifei FAN
Sciences Po Paris, School of Communication
AXA Lab Asia, Shanghai


Artificial intelligence: Scientific issues and socioeconomic expectations

Stéphan Clemençon,
professor of applied mathematics, Telecom-ParisTech, Institut Mines-Télécom


Legal questions about artificial intelligence

Marie Soulez,
attorney, Cabinet Lexing Bensoussan


Humans and artificial intelligence face-to-face: The ethics of relations between humans and machines

Paul-Olivier Gibert,
CEO, Digital and Ethics



The Digital Barometer Survey

Gérard Lallement,
engineer from the Corps des Mines,
Matthias de Jouvenel,
Corps des Administrateurs Civils, Conseil Général de l’Économie (CGE)








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